Why Musical Overture?

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Why Musical Overture?

When I was in grade school, I was the only kid I knew who practiced music for hours each day. I loved music and wished I could find someone who shared the same passion and discipline to practice. I would have given anything to have met other people like me. I knew they were out there, just not in my small town.

Musicians practice up to eight or ten hours a day in order to get to the level needed to perform in front of audiences. Access to resources like mentors, fellow musicians, and education depends on the musician’s location, and in some cases, may be miles away. In music, as in many areas, there is definitely such a thing as geographic advantage.

When I was a graduate teaching assistant, I taught computer science majors how to write music for video games. This experience helped me build on my knowledge of code, and I wanted to use technology to close the distance between emerging musicians. So, I helped create Musical Overture, a networking platform for musicians that allows members to make music for and with each other. Think LinkedIn + YouTube + Zoom, but designed especially for musicians. Since MO is a community of musicians from all over the world, MO also serves as a global directory where musicians can be found and where people looking for musicians can find exactly the right performer or composer they are looking for.

As a member of Musical Overture, you can build your own HD video collection. Each video can be tagged as Portfolio, Performance, Practice, or “just for fun”. You’ll soon be able to group videos together in sharable portfolios so you can easily share only the videos you select for a given portfolio. If there is a set of videos that you want to send to an agent, send only those videos. If there is a set of videos you want to send to a university or conservatory, send only those videos.

Support the community

You can also let your followers support you by giving you tips in your tip jar. 100% of these funds bypass Musical Overture and go directly to your digital wallet such as Venmo or Paypal.

One of the most exciting features you will see added soon is The Gig Room, a WebRTC based video conferencing tool that will allow you to play with other musicians with less than 25 millisecond delays. This tool will revolutionize the way we rehearse, teach lessons, and even the way we perform.

And just so you know, at Musical Overture we take privacy very seriously. Since releasing the beta site several years ago, we’ve been controlling the growth and culture of the community by staying on top of monitoring and removing any would-be predators off the site. We’ve been very careful about protecting the young people on the platform so that their parents feel good about them participating in Musical Overture.

This is a fantastic tool for musicians, but it is also a great place to have fun sharing your music and listening and participating with other people. Musicians meet each other, then play for and with each other. They share a sense of belonging around their passion for making music.

An Overture is what happens first. The Overture whets our appetites for what is about to come.

So join us at Musical Overture, and see what happens next.


Co-founder, Musical Overture

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