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The easiest way to teach music online!

Gig Room is an easy to use tool for making music that allows musicians to teach and play together with almost no latency. With Gig Room, you can focus on the music and not on frustrating software.

Gig Room helps you teach the way you want!

Gig Room let’s you teach the way you always have. No downloads, no games, no difficult software to learn or teach to your students. Just hop in a Gig Room and teach using the methods you know and love. And your students will practice more when they can practice with each other.
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Here's a real Gig Room session, so you can see how it works

Thousands of teachers are using Gig Room

Here’s why you should, too.  

Easy to use

Lets you do what you do best...teach music. No difficult software to learn. You and your students can focus on the music.

Lightning fast

The fastest speeds and lowest lags of any web conferencing application. When you say "stop", your students stop.

Real Time

If you have a high speed internet connection and follow our Pro Tips, you can even play and sing together - in REAL TIME.

Secure and private

We do not collect or sell data. We are 100% COPPA compliant and put the safety and privacy of you and your students first.


It's free to join Musical Overture and free to use Gig Room with up to 4 musicians at a time. Larger rooms are coming soon.

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Gig Room is FREE

Gig Rooms with 4 or fewer participants are FREE!

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Gig Rooms For Schools

Gig Rooms help your students practice more! With practice aids, tools to track student progress, and the ability to rehearse with other students in real time, Gig Rooms offer the perfect digital solution for your music program.

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Some of the educators using Gig Room

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Gig Rooms make it feel like you’re actually in the same "room"

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Miss jamming together? Gig Rooms are here to help, and you can even find other musicians to play with. If you are an agent, contractor, admissions recruiter or someone looking to hire an instrumentalist or a singer for an event, you can find the performers and composers you need right here.

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Get in the same “room” in three simple steps...

1. Join

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2. Create

In Gig Rooms, create beautiful music together and in real time like they’re in the room with you.

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3. Invite

Invite up to 4 students or bandmates to join your personal Gig Room.

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What teachers are saying

Musicians love and recommend Gig Room

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Todd Chambers

"The best tool for teaching online"

Gig Room is the best tool I've found for teaching music online. It's like we're in the same room!

Dr. Todd Chandler
Choral Director, East Jackson High School Commerce, GA
Robert Reive

"We can play together in real time!"

Gig Room lets me play with my accompanist - 100 miles away - in real time!  It's awesome!

Robert Reive
Orchestra Director, Mt. Pisgah Christian School
Viola, Liberty String Trio

"The Gig Room just WORKS"

The Gig Room just WORKS - on all sorts of devices - and is as easy as opening a web page. There's no better way to make music together from just about anywhere.

Mark Zickefoose
Carroll Symphony Orchestra, Principal Tuba and Low Brass Instructor

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The Gig Room, created by musicians, for musicians, addresses such a critical problem and we invite you to join this thriving community of creatives.

Let’s make music together!

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Sign up and know that we take your security seriously. We’re the most secure video platform for music sync ups.